Best Phone Cases in 2020

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The Very Best Phone Cases In 2020 So Far

Buying the best possible phone case, you can afford is always a sensible move to make. A huge amount of the latest phones on the market are made out of glass build materials now. There are thousands of terrible horror stories out there about people dropping valuable phones – if you want to avoid an expensive drop disaster, then you'll need to protect your valuable device with the right type of phone case or cover. 

Luckily, if you're the proud new owner of one of today's best buy phones, then there are a lot of options for keeping your device safe. There are ultra-slim phone cases that can show off the beautiful design of your device through to rugged and bulky cases that can survive almost anything you throw at them. 


Best phone cases in 2020

We would have to say that shattered glass screens are likely the most common accidents to happen to a smartphone. If you drop your device and it happens to land on one of it's corners, where the force exerted on the glass will be more concentrated, then its highly likely it will result in a cracked screen. To avoid this kind of incident, you need a solid phone case that uses a shock-absorbent material like silicone or rubber, and protects the corners well. If you're feeling confident and think you won't have too many drops, then a slim, unobtrusive phone case from a brand like Peel or Apple might be all you need for protection. 

In addition to a cracked screen, an even more costly incident for a camera phone is if you crack the lens. The best way to avoid a cracked lens is to buy a tougher phone case for your device. Based on our usage, we currently think the best phone case for protection is the Defender series of cases from OtterBox. These Otterbox cases have a durable, layered design resulting in a better defense against drops.

Overall, the best phone case for your device depends on what you want from your phone. Do you want the device to be more stylish or safe, and also, how actively you use it? Below we have outlined the best phone cases in 2020 as we believe them to be so far this year. Whatever level of protection you are after, you should find something that works for you.


Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen is one of the largest names in phone protection. It's pretty easy to see why its Neo Hybrid range is one of the Spigen's most popular set of cases. With exceptional shock absorption, slim grip design, and also a dual-layered build for extra protection, the Neo Hybrid doens't add as much bulk to your smartphone as some other cases do. You'll get plenty of protection for your phone in day-to-day use, though. The textured rubber on the Spigen is smooth but grippy, meaning your smartphone won't slip out of your hands while doing things like taking photos. The cases come in a range of different colors for example, gunmetal, burgundy, jet black and satin silver to name a few. The Spigen Neo range is not as tough as some of the more protective model ranges on the market, so with this in mind, if you are prone to drops or other related accidents, then a phone case like the Otterbox Defender might be a more suitable choice. That being said, if you're looking for a great balance of style, functionality, and usability, then the Spigen Neo Hybrid range is one of the best cases on the market you can buy.


Shieldon iPhone Case

Shieldon iPhone Case

If you like to be quite minimalistic when traveling and also to conserve as much space possible, then carrying around both a wallet and a phone can often be irritating. If this sounds like you, then why not invest in a phone case that also acts as a wallet? The Shieldon smartphone phone case has three to four slots for bank cards depending on the model and an inside bill compartment to keep notes and receipts. In addition to the storage space, there is an invisible kickstand that can be used as a hands-free phone stand.

In addition to the above, the Shieldon smartphone case also has a hidden magnetic closure, which is designed to help keep your valuables safe. Shieldon has also employed RFID Shielding Technology to help shield your cards from unauthorized scanning. Overall we love this case and think a lot of smartphone owners would find it very convenient. 


Joby StandPoint

Joby Standpoint Phone Case

This case has quite literally got legs. The obvious benefit of having three folding out, but flat aluminum tripod legs is for photography. The majority of smartphone photographers don't use any tripod support. However, any photo will benefit from a camera being completely still when photos is being snapped. If taking shots in low-light, or if you want to try a night-time photo, maybe of the moon or stars, then a tripod is a must-have and so this Joby case is a great option if that's what you need. In addition to photography, the Joby StandPoint is perfect for placing your phone on a surface such as a train or an airline tray-table being the obvious candidates. For hands-free video watching as well as video calling and photo reviewing the stand is great. We also like the case's protective features, and the fact that the case works with wireless charging pads is also a plus. Keep in mind that the Joby StandPoint does have tiny tripod legs so it does require a flat surface and doesn't allow too many angles. 


OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox Symmetry Series Phone Case

OtterBox has been around for a long time and is best known for its robust tank-like protection and chunky phone cases. Unlike some of the Otterbox range, the OtterBox Symmetry series is a lighter construction line of cases. Offering a thinner one-piece design, the Symmetry range doesn't lose too much on the protection front either. As always with Otterbox, build quality is fantastic with a synthetic rubber interior and a durable polycarbonate outside shell, the case is easy to take on and off. Similar to the Spigen Neo Hybrid phone cases, there are no advanced features such as waterproof ability, a built-in battery, or a fold-out kickstand, and it will still add a little bulk to your smartphone. So if you're searching for a pocket-friendly smartphone case with above-average protection, then the Symmetry series is definitely worth having a look at. 



Woolnut - Cognac Brown

Woolnut Phone Case

The Woolnut is designed with premium Scandinavian full-grain beautiful leather. This beautifully made smartphone case is perfect for the discerning iPhone user who likes to live in the lap of luxury. The slim profile of the Woolnut case means that you don't have to worry about increasing your iPhone's size. The inside of the Woolnut case is made of a soft lining of microfiber that gently holds your phone. While this case isn't quite as robust as some of the others on the list, the stylish design is perfect for everyday use.

We hope that you like the selection of phone cases we selected as the best so far and let us know what you think in the comments. 

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