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Best Phone Cases You Can Buy Right Now

Spigen Phone Case

Most phones these days feature metal or glass builds, and that sometimes means keeping them secure and free from damage can be quite hard. A good phone case or cover will go a long way, even if you don’t want to hide you new phone’s beautiful design. Some case designs can add some extra nice style points to it as well. From the super-slim to the tough and rugged, there is a type of phone cover for everybody.

If you're looking to purchase a case then you might be curious as to what types of cases are out there on the market or what brands you can trust. In this buyer’s guide article we do our best to answer some of these questions. We also highlight some of the best smartphone case manufacturers around!

What kind of phone case do I need?


Phone cases can be roughly divided into four different groups — thin cases, hybrid cases, wallet, and rugged cases. The categories are mostly self-explanatory, however let’s take a quick look at what they are.

  • Thin cases: These phone cases are most often ultra-thin and barely add bulk to the phone. Thin cases are generally one-layer covers made with usually TPU or polycarbonate. You will find a lot of great-looking thin cases on the market, and everyone wants as minimal as as possible for their phones. 
  • Hybrid cases: Hybrid phone cases are a great middle between the ultra-thin and the rugged cases. A lot of these phone cases are pretty thin and light as well, but offer far more protection than thin phone cases. Hybrid phone cases include anything that uses a combination of different materials, such as a polycarbonate back and a TPU bumper. 
  • Rugged cases: Rugged phone cases are large and bulky but will make sure your phone can survive just about anything. Extremely heavy-duty cases are often for those people that work in harsh environments or are particularly accidnt prone.
  • Wallet cases: Wallet phone cases let you keep cards and ID and even some cash while keeping your phone protected from damage. The case folio cover also helps to keep the display safe without needing a extra screen protector.

The best option for most smartphone owners is a hybrid case. There are a lot of really great options out there that offer a lot of protection despite being thin and light. Cases such as the UAG Plasma and Ringke Fusion-X come with similar MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certification for impact resistance as rugged cases and they do this without making the phone really heavy. Ultra-rugged cases are a pretty niche category, however users will appreciate the fact that the phone will survive almost anything thrown at it. If you work in really harsh environment or are particularly clumsy, these cases certainly will offer you some peace of mind.


A wallet case is really great for anyone that wants the convenience of being minimalistic in what they carry. Not only will you get to carry cash and cards, but the folio cover will often double as a kickstand. Leather wallet cases are often a touch expensive, but look great as well. Thin cases are minimalistic, easy to carry and what most people will prefer. Some of these phone case options aren’t the most protective cases, might leave phone buttons and the phone screen exposed, and aren’t for anyone who isn’t careful with their phones. There are several exceptions to this, like the Spigen Rugged Armor or Liquid Air, which are both excellent cases.


One of our favorite case brands we highly recommend are Spigen cases. Why? Spigen tends to be the perfect blend of affordability and good reliability. There are rarely issues with Spigen phone cases when it comes to fit and they tend to be really good at protecting our phones. The brand also makes a variety of different cases in pretty much every style and type you could imagine. Check out our range of Spigen cases on the site.


Of course, Spigen isn’t the only great case brand out there. Any of the other case brands on this list are also definitely worthy of your purchasing consideration. What about case brands not on this list? Honestly, it’s about doing your homework. There are loads of brands out there and really any case can be worth the investment. Before you buy a phone case from a brand you’re not familiar with make sure to check for some of the following:

  • Look through verified owner-submitted reviews on sites like Amazon. What are previous buyers saying? Do these short reviews look real? As an example, it’s possible the reviews are paid or sponsored submissions if they are very vague or poorly written. 
  • Look for things like if the products reviews aren’t even for the product! This seems to happen a lot with 3rd party cases from obscure or newer brands. 

 We hoped you found the article useful and have a look around the site to see if you like anything. 

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