Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Phones

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There are many expensive phones out on the market, but when you think about Samsung's premium mobile phone lineup, then the Note model range comes to mind almost instantly. These Samsung Note devices stand at the forefront of innovation, and people are always looking forward to the next iteration. These Samsung Note devices don't come cheap, so let's take a look at screen protectors and how to can help ensure your devices lasts longer.


Excitement and rumors surround almost every Galaxy Note announcement, and if you're a technology enthusiast, it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement as well. After the Galaxy Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra arrived a few weeks ago we were very excited to get our hands on these beautiful phones.


Spending around a grand on a cellphone is not an easy decision. When you finally decide to give in to the temptation to purchase the beautiful phone, you need to think about protecting your new bit of kit. The new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is wrapped in the tough Gorilla Glass Victus, ensuring some extra protection. However, a good solid screen protector can be a lifesaver in drops or scratches. Here we take a look at our top three best screen protectors Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phones and Note 20 Ultra screen protectors to give you peace of mind. You should also pair these screen protectors with a solid case for complete protection.


Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra screen protectors


1) Whitestone Dome Glass

2) Olixar Ultra Tough

3) amFilm Ultra Glass



Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

Whitestone's Dome Glass screen protector is pretty close to perfection. In addition to being the only tempered glass screen protector that's recognized by the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program, it's full of attributes that mean you can be sure it's the best choice to protect your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra device.


The Whitestone liquid dispersion technology works great with the Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint reader. It makes sure your phone is sharp to your touch, and as a result, you don't have to lose the touch sensitivity for the extra protection. 


There is also a blue light cut feature that helps prevents eyes damage from any blue light. The Whitestone screen protector is on the expensive side, coming in at $69.99 for a pack of two, but that a screen replacement for the device will definitely cost a lot more. 


Olixar Ultra Tough

Olixar Ultra Tough Screen Protector

Another great option for your Galaxy Note 20 is the Olixar Invisible Protection screen protector. The protector is only 0.27 mm thick, and this guarantees full touchscreen plus fingerprint sensitivity. The Olixar protector is 100% transparent and comes with HD crystal clear clarity, which provides invisible protection, and this won't decrease the sharpness or brightness of your Galaxy Note 20 display. 


The cover is also tempered glass, meaning it's triple the strength of non-tempered other alternatives, very scratch and shatter-resistant as well. The installation kit is more simple than other protector alternatives; however, will get the job done well. There is a small cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker, and also wet-wipe that makes sure you have a bubble and dust-free application.


amFilm Ultra

amFilm Ultra Screen Protector

Last on our top three list is another high-end protection solution for your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra device. The amFilm Ultra Glass Screen Protector uses a very fancy UV light curing process to fit perfectly on your new phone. In the box, you get everything you require for installation, and there's a detailed video available with install instructions. The amFilm protector will work perfectly with the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phone but you will likely need to re-scan your finger for the best results. If the first Whitestone protector option seems too expensive, then this amFilm glass protector is a great alternative as it's priced at $39.99 for a pack of two. The amFilm option is also sweetened by 24/7 customer support to help give you that extra peace of mind.


We hope you found this review article useful, and below, we have also highlighted a few more screen protector options that are good and do the job but just didn't make the top three.


Galaxy Note 20 Screen Protector two-pack

Luibor Galaxy Note 20 Screen Protector

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