Classic Blue Marble Case | Casely Phone Case

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This eye-catching cute blue marble phone case features a range of beautiful blue colors that will make your phone stand in a crowd! Interested in black marble as well? Click to see! This elegant blue marble phone case is a unique and beautiful piece to add to any phone. The coloration of the case has a blueish gray base with accents of light pink. The marbled texture exudes a luxurious style that matches well with gold and blue. The case can be purchased for seven generations of iPhones, and its style and look does not detract from its ability to keep your iPhone safe! The edges are specifically designed to prevent screen cracking and button breaking if the phone were to be dropped. This phone really has an extravagant pattern, and a color scheme that draws the eye. Its powerful shock absorption combined with its absurdly cute color scheme makes this the perfect phone case for chill night on the town, or a rager with the friends! The eye-catching pattern seems almost ethereal and can complement both simple and more elegant outfits.

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